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5 Amazing Sites To Download Free Stock Photos in 2020

We’ve seen a lot of photos being shared online everyday and as much as we are tempted to use some of the images for our own creative content, we need to be wary of our sources and to verify if the photo is actually free to use. This is because most of the photos found online are subject to copyright. Even if you pay for the images you’ve downloaded, you still need to check the license on the photo to verify what you are allowed to do with it.

Buying a license to use a photograph or image for your next blog or project can easily drain your pocket as the prices for these images are not cheap. The good thing is, there are also websites that offer hundreds of photo free for personal or commercial use. Thanks to the photographers who still believe that information should be free, artists who want to promote their work and gave up their copyright or someone who simply doesn’t care about the money and just want to share their art.

We know you are keen on checking out the great photos that are free so start with our five favorite websites below that showcase the most inspiring imagery that you can download for your next presentation, blog or project.

  1. Pexels – They provide completely free high quality stock photos under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. The photos can be used everywhere, they’re free for commercial use and no attribution is required.
  2. Unsplash – They boast of a large collection of beautiful, free images that are better than paid stock photos that you can download and use for for any project.
  3. Pixabay – They offer a large collection of free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations as well.
  4. StockSnap – This site has a very handy search feature making it a breeze to browse through thousands of photos available. All photos are released under the Creative Commons Public Domain that doesn’t require attribution.
  5. Gratisography – Last but not the least, Gratisography pride themselves on being the world’s quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. They only upload free photos that are unique and most interesting so you can’t compare quantity to sites like Pixabay and Unsplash.

There are a lot more sites coming out every day with awesome resources for stock photos. But with these 5 sites, you will surely have a handful of materials no matter what type of project you are working on. If you have your favorite site to download free high-quality photos, please do share them in the comment section.

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